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"Thank you Pam for helping me create the closet I have needed and wanted. My husband and I remodeled our master bathroom – so what was once a huge spa tub was transformed into my closet. Pam was able to create a functional closet with minimal space. Not only did she design it, but she came over to my house and helped fill it up with my clothing. She also made a special shopping trip to purchase velvet hangers, extenders, separators and shoe racking. I would highly recommend her services - she is truly qualified and a joy to work with." – Holly R.




"We are very pleased with our closet upgrades and really appreciated working with Pam.   When we were building a new home, we decided to upgrade our closets from the standard wire shelving that was offered by the builder.  We chose the Freedom Rail system since it was versatile and, most importantly, strong for the weight we knew we required.


Pam was terrific and very pleasant to work with.  After we discussed what we thought we wanted, she explored our closets and laundry room, took measurements and provided a thorough plan with estimate along with suggestions for our spaces and shelving.  Everything was installed perfectly and spotlessly.


We are thrilled with the results.  We highly recommend Pam for her thoroughness and expertise." – Tish N.



"I had warned Pam that my house was tiny, especially my master closet. My problem is that I have separate professional and play wardrobes. So - in came Pam to save the day.


She has so many tricks up her sleeve. Within an hour, she made a huge difference. She gave me a couple of chores to do, then she was off to find some other supplies that would help my closet. A few days later, she came back and within an hour we had the entire closet sorted, and everything fit! She is a magician!


I expected this to cost quite a bit of money, but it didn't! She is very frugal and even had coupons to use to buy the supplies! I plan to have her back to do the closets in my boys' rooms. Thanks!" – Holly




"For years I’ve been saying to Pam, "My closet (master) is a disaster." She would always offer her organization skills. When I found out that Pam not only organized your closet but was now starting a business that designed it to accommodate your specific clothing needs, I was excited to see what Pam could do.


We started the project with the Freedom Rail system on a Friday & we had the closet nearly complete by Sunday. That was last March and my closet is still very organized.


Once Pam sits with you and you discuss how you want your closet to look, the rest goes in very quickly. Each time I go into my closet I can't believe it's my closet. Thank you Pam!" – Elsa


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