Our homes are our escape from the outside world. A home is where we work, play, raise our children, relax, craft, entertain... where we LIVE. A home can also be a source of stress and tension, which can often be attributed to the lack of organization.


Knowing what you have and where it is can not only save time and frustration, but it can save money.


Careful evaluation of the space, how it's utilized and what must be in it - is just the first step. Organize & Design will listen to your needs and help implement a system that is livable and beautiful.


Examples of how Organize & Design can help:

  • Just moving in? We'll make sure you start off organized
  • Season changes - closets: purging,  and storing clothes
  • Baby's rooms - can be overwhelming. We'll help implement a system that stores everything and grows with your child
  • Basements - often the catchall. With some attention, your basement can be a place you want to go!
  • Kitchens - pantries and cabinets can get out of control. Organize & Design can give you the flow and organization your kitchen needs to function at its best. An organized kitchen will help you enjoy cooking and entertaining.
  • Don't feel you have enough storage space? Organize & Design can evaluate what you have, what you need and help you get it all in order.
  • That room or storage space in your home you aren't quite sure what purpose to have it serve.  Organize & Design can make sure you utilize all available space correctly.

IN YOUR office

There is an ongoing debate about whether a messy or clean desk is more productive. We don't think there is a question that the office is more presentable to clients, more efficient to work in, more productive, and easier to manage when organization is a top priority. Organize & Design will design systems that work for your particular business needs - from filing systems to office supplies, from desk drawers to shelving.


Examples of how Organize & Design can help you in the office:

  • Inventories - office supplies and other business needs can be accurately counted when organized properly, eliminating unnecessary expenditure
  • Clients will appreciate a space that appears to be efficient and orderly - assuming that you will treat their business as you do your office.

when you're downsizing

Empty nester? Moving to a senior community? Perhaps a recent divorce?


There are many reasons to downsize and these moves can be some of the most stressful as you take years and years of accumulated memories, decor, and household items and try to make them work in a smaller space.


It doesn't always mean that you have to purge everything or let go of important and loved treasures. Organize & Design can help on both sides of this move. We'll assist in the sorting and the process of choosing what to take, while getting the organizational systems in place so as to start with a clean, organized and efficient new home.


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